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Race Recap: Marathon at The North Face Endurance Challenge – Madison

Friends! Your weekends! How were they? I spent about 1/3 of my Saturday getting schooled by the marathon course of the North Face Endurance Challenge. Don’t get me wrong; I had fun, I was grateful to be out there running and enjoying the day. Plus, Zak and his Dad came out to watch me finish. Awesome! However, I figure that I missed on several key points: 1. It wasn’t my.. Read More

Into the woods.

It’s 9:21 Thursday evening. In approximately 36 hours, I will be 20 minutes in to and (hopefully) 1/13th of the way completed for marathon #3… The North Face Endurance Series Challenge: Madison. Am I stoked? Heck, yes. Am I nervous? Of course. Pre-race jitters are one thing; pre-marathon jitters are a less familiar territory. I’ve only done two marathons… and this one kind of snuck up on me! I am.. Read More

Road tripping

We came, we saw, we scampered. Zak and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary by driving 3k+ miles, covering 7 states and three National Parks. More photos to follow. I’ve been neglecting the blog lately (thanks, Capt’n Obvious), so if you’re reading this I thank you kindly for checking in. Here’s what will be happening within the next 6 weeks in the land of Backstage Balance: Sept. 7 – Pikes Peak Challenge,.. Read More

Race Recap: Half Marathon at Ice Age Trail 50

Success! To be candid, the half marathon at the Ice Age Trail 50 was difficult. Even though I visited the course a few weeks before race day and completed a 9+ mile loop comfortably, I had to really suck it up for this race! Hills, humidity, even a little heat made for a challenging half. The volunteer staff, along with the camaraderie of the other runners and overall laid-back vibe,.. Read More

Ready or not?

Here I come! Tomorrow morning. 9:30AM. 13.1 miles on one of the most gorgeous trail loops in Southeastern Wisconsin. My first trail race and my first half marathon in 2012. Boom. Gear is ready to rock. And I bought myself a tech hat! It will be a last-minute decision tomorrow whether or not to try it out, or stick with my usual giant sunglasses. I like to look cool protect.. Read More

Technology failure day.

Hello friends – what’s new? Today was a day. Mondays don’t usually get to me in the traditional “Manic Monday” sense, but today was a doozy. I logged on to my work email this morning only to find that my email storage was near quota and therefore disregarding messages. Not good for the busiest morning of the workweek! Then, after fixing the email issue, I discovered that my AOL instant.. Read More

Sound Bites 4/23: New music from Alabama Shakes, Jack White, Santigold

Hello, friends – hope that your week is off to a great start. Tonight, I’d like to bring my Sound Bites feature back from the dead. I did this for a few weeks last year, and have no idea why I stopped. Everyone loves hearing about new music, right? Up this week are three new albums from Alabama Shakes, Jack White and Santigold. Alabama Shakes’ debut album Boys & Girls,.. Read More

Fugly workout gear: The hooded sports bra

This week’s fugly gear: Mowaa Fitness Wear’s Halter Bra Top with Hood. Handy for those sweaty workouts where you are too warm / sweaty to wear a shirt over your sports bra, but still want to wear a hood. It will make you feel like this, but without those pesky sleeves or back coverage. On the other hand, I suppose the hood would keep your hair away from your back.. Read More

The Del Fuegos, Peter Frampton, and Kennedy-era fitness

Hello, friends. Today has been quite good! Two shows this evening at work – Peter Frampton performing his classic album “Frampton Comes Alive,” and The Del Fuegos. Two different shows at two different venues meant some time spent at each! I covered a radio remote broadcast for the Del Fuegos, then caught up with my officemates for a little break. We all went for Manhattans at Kil@Wat, which were fantastic. For.. Read More

A fitness-filled evening.

Tonight ended up being really fun! One of my coworkers decided to BodyPump, joining another coworker and me for the class. The instructor used release 75 from last year, which happens to contain my favorite abs routine to “More” from Usher. It was a great workout, and I was a sweaty beast at the end! As we were putting away our BodyPump equipment, the instructor for the next class put.. Read More