Friends of the Internets – hope that all is well.

I’ve had a couple of great Wisconsin weekends… Last weekend, a fun clothing swap party at Sun’s. Trail running with Alice at Lapham Peak, followed by a visit at Pieper Porch Winery & Vineyard. Badgers football today. Tomorrow, Mom and I are checking out the Wine & Dine Wisconsin. Life is good!

The indulgent weekends do make me want to keep my fitness goals in focus. In my last post, I mentioned that I was starting to think about next year and possible races / new distances to consider. Here are a few ideas that I am mulling over:

Ice Age Trail 50 – Saturday, May 10, 2014 – La Grange, WI

Any trail runner in Southeastern Wisconsin will tell you that the Ice Age Trail 50 takes the cake – it’s simply one of the best races our area has to offer. There are three distances – 50 miles, 50k, and half marathon. The event draws some seriously talented runners as it’s part of the Montrail Ultra Cup series; the top three males / females from the 50 mile event receive entries for the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run!

I’ve done the half marathon distance twice, and now it’s time to try something bigger. 50k? 50 mile? Registration is set to open December 15: if you’re thinking about this one too, mark your calendars. The races will fill the same day they open.

Chippewa 50k and 10k Trail Run – Saturday, April 26, 2014 – New Auburn, WI

I’ve heard good things about this one – and have never ran the Kettle Moraine in Northern Wisconsin – and have family in the area – so why not give this a shot? There is a strong chance that the trails will be snow-packed (as seen above), or icy. Is it strange that I kind of love running in those conditions?

Registration opens November 29th, and for a few days the 50k is only $30 (thank you, Black Friday sale). A ridiculously inexpensive race fee!


Door County Triathlon – Sunday, July 20, 2014 – Egg Harbor, WI

At this point, this is a crazy pipe dream, but I am considering the 70.3 half Ironman distance event. Yup. Zak’s sister Jem and her husband Kevin did this one and LOVED it, and Laura (Luna Chick Runs) ROCKED the race again this year and had a compelling race recap. I blame these individuals for inspiring me to consider the race!

As I mentioned, it’s a cray cray dream. I’m mulling it over. Will keep you posted on this one. Registration opens Jan. 1st, 2014.

For all of these races, my training would need to re-start… now. Well, maybe after Wine & Dine tomorrow :)

You do the talking: 

Which races are already on your calendar for 2014?

Which “crazy pipe dream” distances or races are on your mind?

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