Greetings! How is it February 1st already? I am checking in from a blogging hiatus… it has been a long time, so if you are reading this, thanks for sticking with me! I am unsure of what the future holds for Backstage Balance, as I seem to be in a writing mood less and less frequently. However, tonight I felt like blogging – so there’s that!

I thought I’d share some of my favorites from January – I do enjoy these types of posts. Without further adieu – here we go!

1. Weight Lifting

Last month, Zak challenged me to finally commit to a strength training regimen. 7 weeks later, I can say that it has been challenging, but wonderful! He initially had me start with moves like goblet squats, lat pulldowns, and the incredibly tiring dumbbell snatch. Last week I started on the New Rules of Lifting specific workout program. I know that my lack of regular strength training was a major contributing factor to my injury last summer, so it feels good to be getting stronger – finally!


2. SALUS Muscle Relief Gel

Salus Muscle Relief Gel

Of course, with weight lifting comes sore muscles.

I visited SALUS Natural Body Care when browsing shops in Manitou Springs, Colorado last summer and was excited to find their Muscle Relief Gel. It contains a combination of cooling menthol, anti-inflammatory arnica and capsaicin, as well as aloe and other good stuff for topical pain relief. The ingredients are organic / natural, and the scent is mild (unlike Icy Hot or similar products). The gel came in handy this weekend when I strained my trapezius, and no joke – it kind of saved the day. When I went to the SALUS website to write this post, I wasn’t surprised to see that this product is a sponsor of the Leadville Trail 100 ultra-marathon!

I am going to check out the extra strength roll-on version next – how perfect would this be for a race-day gear bag?


3. NASA’s Facebook page

This is such a neat resource… and they are just shy of 10 million likes! NASA has a great Facebook presence and regularly posts about their missions, and shares amazing images like the one above, and utilizes clever hashtags such as #SupernovaSunday and#EarthRightNow. It’s an easy way to keep up with the latest news in aeronautics.


4. Alba Sea Plus Renewal Night Cream

Wisconsin winters are brutal, especially on faces! This product has been nice for restoring my skin’s moisture balance. I even have Zak using it…

5. Mama Chia – Cherry Lime

Mama Chia Cherry Lime

This beverage is a tasty treat, and like most fun items I found it at my local Target (TOTAL impulse purchase, of course).

In general I don’t like to drink my calories, but liquid nutrients (and superfoods!) are another story. The cherry lime flavor is light and refreshing, and I don’t mind the texture of the chia seeds at all. It’s a sneaky way to get in some extra Omega-3’s and fiber. Delicious!


Questions for you:

What are your favorites lately? Do you like these kinds of posts from other bloggers?

I’ll be back with a post soon about my current workouts and training plan for Ice Age Trail 50k in May. Cheers!