Hello, friends – hope that your week is off to a nice start.

I’m in a great mood because… Saturday at the tBunk Endurance Challenge… I RAN! After being sick for several weeks, I can’t begin to explain how good it felt to get out on the trails and just simply RUN. It was a gorgeous day, though misty and mysterious.

I made it through the first part of the 50k course, which was a 3.66 mile loop. Ha! I was surprised to have made it that far. Next year, I’ll do the full distance.

I was glad to hang out before the race with my good friend Alice, who is a running BEAST. For the past several years, she has ran the mileage of each year – so in 2013, she will have completed 2,013 miles! That’s an average of 38.7 miles per week. Here we are at the “starting line” – aka a post at the trailhead.

Here we are with the namesakes of the race, Tom and Lorraine Bunk. They have done so much to build our local ultra running community! They are also an incredible couple, and accomplished runners. On their 50th wedding anniversary, they celebrated by running a 50k together! Amazing, right?

Before the start of the race, Alice and I were talking with Lorraine and she asked about our next big goals. She got me thinking… what will the next year hold? I’d love to continue with trail running, and maybe set a new distance goal. Perhaps another triathlon?

In other news – near the start of the race, we found a piece of a huge paper wasp nest. It was as big as my hand, cool!

You do the talking:

What are your race goals for next year?

Have you tried trail running? It’s my favorite!