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If your Nerve, deny you-

If your Nerve, deny you— Go above your Nerve— He can lean against the Grave, If he fear to swerve— That’s a steady posture— Never any bend Held of those Brass arms— Best Giant made— If your Soul seesaw— Lift the Flesh door— The Poltroon wants Oxygen— Nothing more— Emily Dickinson

January Faves

Greetings! How is it February 1st already? I am checking in from a blogging hiatus… it has been a long time, so if you are reading this, thanks for sticking with me! I am unsure of what the future holds for Backstage Balance, as I seem to be in a writing mood less and less frequently. However, tonight I felt like blogging – so there’s that! I thought I’d share.. Read More

Damn you, Gluteus Medius Syndrome.

Behold, a blog post – it’s been too long! This summer has been a challenging one for me, because as you might deduce from the title of this post… I have acquired an injury. Gluteus medius syndrome – a.k.a “Dead Butt,” to be exact. My training this spring went well, but as it turns out, my body did not appreciate my racing two 50ks and a fast 10k within one 4-week.. Read More

Tried It: Seven Sundays Muesli

Today, I wanted to share a product review facilitated by Olallie Milwaukee! Seven Sundays reached out to have our group sample their “everyday muesli” products. Muesli is popular in Europe, and is generally a healthier choice than granola as it’s less processed and contains less sugar / fat. The company’s philosophy is that “food in its natural state is healthier and tastier,” which I couldn’t agree with more. I tried the Vanilla.. Read More

Chocolate Milk = Awesome

I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board as a blog ambassador for their #WinWithChocolateMilk campaign! Since I’ve been more tuned in to my training, nutrition has become a larger focus. In particular, recovery nutrition has been a particular concern. After my Saturday long runs with Alice, we’ve enjoyed gigantic breakfasts at a diner near the trailhead. It makes sense to refuel immediately as:.. Read More


Friends of the Internets – hope that all is well. I’ve had a couple of great Wisconsin weekends… Last weekend, a fun clothing swap party at Sun’s. Trail running with Alice at Lapham Peak, followed by a visit at Pieper Porch Winery & Vineyard. Badgers football today. Tomorrow, Mom and I are checking out the Wine & Dine Wisconsin. Life is good! The indulgent weekends do make me want to keep my.. Read More

Back in Action + tBunk Endurance Challenge 2013

Hello, friends – hope that your week is off to a nice start. I’m in a great mood because… Saturday at the tBunk Endurance Challenge… I RAN! After being sick for several weeks, I can’t begin to explain how good it felt to get out on the trails and just simply RUN. It was a gorgeous day, though misty and mysterious. I made it through the first part of the.. Read More

The week ahead: Oct. 27

Friends – hope that your weekends are going well. I’ve had a good Sunday, am feeling a bit better and got lots done around the house. This week will be a fun one. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to: 1. My Dad’s birthday is Friday! He is turning 62 years young. Amazing! 2. Pumpkin Pie Larabars. Oh yes. I stopped at Whole Foods the other day to stock.. Read More

Sidelined, but grateful.

If it’s ok with you guys, I’d like to be real for a moment. I generally consider myself to be an optimist – my attitude is typically positive, I look on the “bright side,” my glass is half full, yada da yadda. But lately, specifically in the past three weeks, I’ve found myself having more than the occasional pessimistic thought. It’s like my own personal dark cloud has been hovering.. Read More

Fall Race Calendar

Hello, friends – hope that you are enjoying a great autumn weekend! The weather was gorgeous here in Southeastern Wisconsin, and we spent lots of time outdoors. Saturday, we went boating and hiked at Pike Lake State Park, where the leaves are just beginning to change colors. Autumn marks a transition for races – the cooler temperatures make for optimal (and comfy!) racing conditions. While the weather can be unpredictable,.. Read More